Past Performance

Fenix Solutions LLC has extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Consumer Package Goods, Procurement Industries and in almost all healthcare diseases Consumer Health categories using retail scanning, consumer and consumer data.   

1. Industry:  Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology

Therapeutic area:  COVID, Hospital Acute Care Products, Supply & Demand Manufacturing, Public Health Hospitalizations, Public Health COVID Tests

Model development:  Machine learning multi-regression feature importance learning model on the cloud to estimate weekly demand for Life Saving Medicines in 187 countries and all USA counties. 

Results:  Industrialized advanced analytics models to predict COVID-19 patient, ESMERON need and supply chain in ~187 countries impacting ~1BN lives, $100MM and incremental manufacturing of ~$20MM quarterly.  Led 4 US and 10 offshore teams in 6 locations with 2 partner organizations: enabled promotion of 3 partner persons. 

  • Provided insights via a visualization tool of COVID and demand insights to governments healthcare around the world on the need for life saving medications; country examples can be shared during discussions.
  • Incorporated dynamic changing manufacturing processes into the model on a weekly basis to adapt model and optimize supply distribution worldwide.
  • Applied and model for placement of COVID MAB and Vaccines in July for Oct 2020 clinical trials which are now approved in most countries.
  • Presented at modeling approaches and innovative approaches which was shared across multiple other companies, academia, industries, and countries.
  • Extended model to estimate available hospital surgical capacity to restart patients for life saving treatments and branded an “opportunities of care” solution for Merck around the globe.
  • For USA, integrated patient tokenization with RWD partnering with Healthverity to understand impacts for Hospital Acute Care products, surgeries and COVID. Solution still active and Healthverity capability has contracted with CDC to be the agency of record with learning to report COVID testing and vaccinations. 
  • Embedded capability at Merck which still exists and is contracted throughout multiple years.

Role:  Leader for Global Analytics for Merck’s $6BN Hospital Acute Care division through May 2021.


2. Industry:  Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical

Therapeutic Area:  Vaccines

Model Development:  Developed global vaccine patient incidence, demand, utilization, and vaccination model using multiple-linear regression to quantify Vaccine strategy across all in-market and in-development Vaccines.  Global Vaccines Strategy tool still active at Merck to estimate and plan for development and prioritize in-market countries and counties within the USA. 

Results:  Developed global vaccine tender market sizing strategy capability in 78 countries, a first for Merck, which gained investment to become the benchmark for tenders in ’17-‘19.  The strategic recommendation combined advanced analytics with digital mobile-enabled business intelligence tools to select use cases to decrease ~600K pediatric varicella hospitalizations in LATAM; access of ~10MM pediatric boys to HPV vaccine in Europe; optimized children dose regimen from 2 to 1 for millions of children worldwide; and provided roadmap for Merck tender sizing, tender pricing optimization, supply chain and an incremental tender opportunity of ~$1.5BN.

  • Implemented Global Vaccines mission and strategy by developing information data management strategy for top ~25 countries in ’16-‘18. Using business intelligence and advanced analytics, established corporate global population health analytics market intelligence tools, tender analytics, and expanded roadmap to increase global vaccination rates with insights validating strategy in top global markets equating to 90% of revenue and ~60% of doses. 

Role:  Global Vaccines Analytics lead for Merck’s $8BN Vaccines division reporting to EVP of Vaccines business reporting to President who now leads Moderna as SVP. 


3. Industry:  Pharmaceutical and Consumer Package Goods Health Industry

Therapeutic Area:  Women’s Health, Contraception

Model Development:  Developed linear time series model to estimate utilization of contraceptives in prescription and consumer health industries.  Identified patient need to address teen pregnancy globally and utilized real world data in USA and X-USA to determine the rates of teen pregnancy and model the impact and the impact to the public health system enabling access to contraceptives to teens.

Results:   Improved Global Women’s Health by decreasing 2MM pregnancies and 0.5MM abortions in young women using advanced analytics and business intelligence tools ’17-‘18.  In Brazil (’16-’18) and Mexico (’17-’19) activated plan-to-win sales tools and digitally enabled mobile tools to prioritize hospitals with young female populations and created/executed the information data strategy to expand supply chain and access to contraceptives in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and USA (NIH, FDA, HHS).  Potential MSD impact ~$100MM.

Role:  Global Analytics lead for Merck’s Woman’s Health $2BN division.


4. Industry:  Consumer Health and Pharmaceutical

Therapeutic Area:  Nicoderm, Nicorette, Smoking Cessation, Tobacco

Model Development:  Developed multiple regression model to estimate and quantify the impact on public health and commercial value to advance nicotine gum for cravings.  Patient model utilized tobacco utilization worldwide and USA to quantify the number of patients who would be available for treatment.  Model output in business case utilized for presentation to the FDA in ’13-15 including support for PDUFA to apply for regulatory approval. 

Results:  FDA presentation and collaboration which led to commercialization of Stop Smoking Aids on the market today.

Role:  Analytics Clinical and Commercial lead for Smoking Cessation division of GSK. 


5. Industry:  Consumer Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Therapeutic Area:  Allergy, Flonase

Model Development:  Developed Rx and OTC allergy forecast and model at national, healthcare provider and retail to support Rx-to-OTC switch of Flonase. 

Results:  Flonase launched in 2014-2015 with added efforts for Public Health and Healthcare provider initiatives to impact more patients.  Led the Flonase Allergy Relief activation of 60 FTE SF and multi-channel (white space) bilingual promotion tactics attaining #1 INS and #2 Allergy AWRs, 30% coupons and PRM adoption by determining strategy and selection of marketing tactics that included supply chain decision on sample manufacturing.

Role:  Analytics lead for Allergy Franchise at GSK.


6. Industry:  Consumer Healthcare

Therapeutic Area:  Cough, Cold, Allergy; H1N1; Social Listening

Model Development:  Developed ongoing and in-real-time multiple linear regression model to estimate demand for cough, cold allergy products for patients experiencing symptoms from H1N1. 

Results:  Implemented demand planning for leading cough could flu allergy companies to assure supply was on shelf for patients during h1n1.  Model refreshed ongoing based on h1n1 infections and data inputs from CDC via freedom of information act and social media trends on data.

Role:  Leader of Analytics for Nielsen’s Healthcare vertical engaging all OTC and Rx manufacturers. 


7.  Industry:  Healthcare Prescription Benefit Manager, Medco

Model Development:  Published model using Medco’s PBM data of ~65MM lives to estimate utilization for Diabetes, Cardiovascular Comorbidities and Ocular diseases such as dry eyes.

Results:  Published articles in journals and can provide publications upon request.

Role:  Medco Healthcare lead to develop solutions with academia, industry and government in collaboration with Medco’s PBM services, now Express-Scripts. 

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