Fenix Solutions mission is to enable, develop and implement analytics to improve living, health, education, fire prevention and safety.  Fenix Solutions employs analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to life's challenges for the better.  Fenix Solutions vision is to enable you, your organization, and your clients to be a Phoenix (Fenix).

Our core competencies are developing, implementing, and innovating in health, life science, education, financial services, fire prevention, safety and developing in intelligence.  Analytics core competencies include business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, forecasting, reporting and business analytics, high performance computing system (HPCS), bioinformatics and computational science, natural language processing, surveys, qualitative analysis, cluster structured and unstructured analysis, risk scoring and logistic regression, simulation and monte Carlo approaches, visualization, real world data, electronic health records and data science.

Experience includes a seasoned team of experts and network in the field of data science, industry, and government.  Analytics differentiators includes published, referenced in media, articles and leading innovative trends solving health challenges in:  Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Hospitals, Providers, Health professionals, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Financial Services, Education and Fire Prevention and Safety.  Referenced projects includes:  COVID forecasting, Hospital Capacity supply chain due to COVID, Life Saving Medication Supply Chain due to COVID, Public Health Hospitalizations, Vaccines, Women's Health and Contraception, Prematurity, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Teen Pregnancy, Teen Suicide, Consumer Healthcare Smoking Cessation and Tobacco, Allergy and cough, cold flu, pharmacy benefit management and healthcare solutions using real world data.

Certifications include SDVOSB and pending HUBZone.

541611, 541930, 541612, 541613, 541614, 541720, 541715, 541690, 541618
PSC Codes
H142, H342, H942, AN14, AN15, AN12, AN13, AJ14, AJ15, AN11, AJ12, AJ13, AF14, AJ11, AF15, U004, AH54, AF12, AF13, AH55, AB14, AB15, AF11, AB12, AB13, AB11, K042, B529, AN25, AN23, AN24, AN21, AN22, AF25, AF23, AF24, AB25, AF21, AF22, AB23, AB24, AB21, AB22, L042, H242, AM15, AN34, AN35, AN32, AN33, AN31, AF34, AF35, AF32, AF33, AF31, B506, H112, 1290, AN45, AN43, AN44, AN41, AN42