Government Department of Defense & Public Safety Agencies: AI/ML Emerging Threats use case approach

Title:  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science Technologies to Support Countering WMD and Emerging threats

Summary:  Advanced analytics ML/AI/DS solutions will support the mission to detect deter and defeat WMD and emerging threats. The advanced analytics will provide, build, install, expand and deliver expertise and capabilities to ensure the US remains ready and able to address present and future WMD threat. The advanced analytics solutions demonstrate and drive efforts to reduce WMD threats, support US treat implementation and verification activities including financial governance, deliver capabilities to address WMD and emerging threats, support nuclear deterrence, and identify vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies via war gaming and course of action analysis.

Approach:  Overall approach to an Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Data Science CWMD & Emerging Threat Analytics Platform capability is organized into six steps with two accompanying data types (see, figure 1). 

Figure 1.  6 steps to AI/ML CWMD & Emerging Threat Analytics Platform capability

Implementation:  Implementation of AI/ML capability ecosystem would follow the steps and processes throughout.  The real-time data ingestion with automated ongoing ML/AI would readily report visualization, see Figure 2. 

Figure 2.  Implementation with detailed processes to AI/ML CWMD & Emerging Threat Analytics Platform capability